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Mission Statement

St. Peter the Apostle Parish, of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville, is committed to announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ and thus forming  its members into a community of disciples who make God's love known

Our Four Goals

Generate Parish Unity  
Live Our Faith Joyfully  
Nourish Our Faith Continually   
Proclaim Our Faith Through Action

Welcome to St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Community

From Fr. Chris - 15 February

My Dear fellow parishioners at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church,

In the gospel of Luke, the evangelist reminds us that: much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more. (Lk 12:48) As we enter the new year of 2021, we have all been blessed with many talents, skills, and abilities to allow ourselves to become the person God has called us to be. To that end, our calling as Catholic’s is to use our gifts to further His purposes to bring about the kingdom of God in our own spheres of influence. One way to accomplish this universal call is participation in a faith community. Our parish has spent almost a year in discernment, bringing together various groups of parishioners and asking them how we as a community of faith can more fully live out our baptismal call. Through these various consultations and discernment sessions, our parish has developed a very responsible Parish Stewardship Development plan.

Each registered member will receive a mailing which includes four important items for your consideration: Parish Ministries Directory, The Parish Prayer, Offering & Service Census Form, Commitment Card, and an Envelope. What I am asking each member/family to do is to take some time and review the Parish Ministries Directory, then chose one or two items you would like to get involved in or remain involved in. Additionally, I am also asking if you would complete your Parish Census form so that we can update our Parish Census Data. Finally, I am asking that you review your Commitment card and discern your level of offering to the parish. On the opposite side of the commitment card are suggestions related to individual offering.

Our Parish Stewardship Development Program is based on three principles: Prayer, Service, and Offering. In our various gatherings in the fall with parish members, they have all agreed that encouraging these three principles of prayer, service, and offering will grow the spiritual experience here at St. Peter the Apostle and make it a place everyone can have pride to call their spiritual home.

Finally, it has been several years since the parish has undertaken a comprehensive review of our stewardship process and I have been impressed with the feedback the parish and committee has received. This Stewardship Development process could not have come at a better time, given the extraordinary events we have experienced in the past year. May each of us look for ways to create opportunities to promote the common good, which builds upon itself at each level: city, state, and nation. To that end, please join me in making St. Peter the Apostle Church a place where we can grow and develop together. Below please find the Parish Ministries Directory, Commitment Card and Stewardship Intention Card available for download.


Rev Christopher Lubecke,

Pastor, St Peter the Apostle & St. Andrew Academy

2021 Stewardship Intention Card
2021 Stewardship Commitment Card
2021 Parish Ministries Directory

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Dear Parishoners

Please continue to support our Capital Campaign Living Stones and Building Our Spiritual Home Together.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Chris Lubecke


Lent Resources

Each Friday throughout Lent, February 19 - March 26.
Expostion / Exposición 4-6pm
Eucharistic Adoration / Adoración eucaristica 4-6pm
Reconciliation / Reconciliación 4-6pm
Benediction / Bendición 6pm
Stations of the Cross / Estaciones de la Cruz 6:30-7pm

Click the image below to visit the USCCB Lent Resource webpage.


Feb 5Eucharistic Adoration 4-6 pm, Church
Feb 5Spanish Eucharistic Adoration 7pm, Church
Feb 17Ash Wednesday, Mass 7am, School Mass 8am, Spanish Mass 5pm, Mass [bi-lingual] 7pm
Feb 19 & 26Fish Fry Drive Through from 5-7pm
Feb 19 & 26Eucharistic Adoration and Reconciliation 4-6 pm, Church
Feb 19 & 26Stations of the Cross, 6:30-7pm Church
Feb 20Confirmation Mass, 4:30pm
Feb 2150/50 Drawing, after 8am Mass, Church
Feb 21First Sunday of Lent
Feb 28Second Sunday of Lent
Feb 281st Eucharist Enrollment Mass, 11:30am